Would learn like to learn a new skill? One which will give you a real sense of self sufficiency and enable you to make beautiful, useful and long lasting things for everyday use for you, your friends and your family?

I have been making and creating all my life and can vouch for the satisfaction which can be found in taking raw materials and through the application of skill and a little perseverance, crafting an object and it's even better if that object can then be used everyday for a specific purpose. It gives you complete control over the materials you are using, allowing you to make ecologically better decisions and means you don't have to trail through the shops, trying to find the perfect item which doesn't exist and if it did, you'd have to pay over the odds, for a sub standard product.

The skills I pass on don't require machines, in fact I made it a requirement of the work I do that I wouldn't use any materials or tools which I wouldn't be able to make or fix myself if the electrics got cut off or the oil ran out. This means that it's accessible for you too. An awl, some thread and two needles is all that is needed. With these skills you can make things from scratch yourself and repair things too, reducing waste and consumption, two very important boxes ticked.

So if this appeals to you, read on to find out when and where you can start your own little craft revolution in 2021...

Please get in touch to find out how to book your place, thank you...

Remember, if you are a craft group, interested group of friends or you have a knack of grabbing people in off the street then I can do a workshop especially for you and what your group would like to learn. Just get in touch with me on ruthpullan[@]

In the past I have done purse, belt, knife sheath, axe sheath and sandal making workshops so there is something for everyone and all abilities...


I really hope that these workshops will go ahead but obviously we are at the mercy of the current situation (January 2021). However for a more definite option then perhaps get in touch with me to organise an online workshop. It won't be quite the same but it will be fun and there will be tea and cake time :) Or if you feel confident enough and have some previous leatherwork experience then maybe one of my kits would be suitable for you? They come with detailed instructions and I am happy to offer support via email if you get stuck :) 

Please see the collections page and click on Workshops and Kits to find out more.



15th - New Brewery Arts

An introduction to leatherwork held at the wonderful New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

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26th - Kingshill House, Uley, Gloucestershire

The World in a week...

Italy - come and create a Venetian trader's drawstring pouch to keep your gold coins in for all the deals on exotic imports you will be doing in the next year :) or you can use it for modern day uses such as collecting shells and keeping trinkets in :) 

Suitable for beginners

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8th - Introduction to Leatherwork at Kingshill House, Uley, Gloucestershire

My ever popular introduction to leatherwork where you will learn how to make a coin purse and a belt

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29th, 30th June and 2nd July

Greystoke Cycle Café, Cumbria 9.30-4.30pm

I will be running three day long workshops on how to make a small hand stitched leather bag. You will learn to dye leather, stitch by hand, prepare and finish the edges and simple pattern cutting.

**Please note, due to the amount of stitching required for this project, it is advisable that you have done a previous introductory course in hand stitched leatherwork. If you haven't, I am very happy to come and teach you and a friend or small group the necessary skills. Please see above for details on my mobile leather workshop and costs for a day of teaching.**

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16th - Bag in a day workshop, Kingshill House, Uley, Gloucestershire

Come and make a little satchel bag in this intensive day long workshop. Previous experience of working with leather is needed as there is a lot of stitching to do!

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