Would learn like to learn a new skill? One which will give you a real sense of self sufficiency and enable you to make beautiful, useful and long lasting things for everyday use for you, your friends and your family?

I have been making and creating all my life and can vouch for the satisfaction which can be found in taking raw materials and through the application of skill and a little perseverance, crafting an object and it's even better if that object can then be used everyday for a specific purpose. It gives you complete control over the materials you are using, allowing you to make ecologically better decisions and means you don't have to trail through the shops, trying to find the perfect item which doesn't exist and if it did, you'd have to pay over the odds, for a sub standard product.

The skills I pass on don't require machines, in fact I made it a requirement of the work I do that I wouldn't use any materials or tools which I wouldn't be able to make or fix myself if the electrics get cut off or (when) the oil runs out. This means that it's accessible for you too. An awl, some thread and two needles is all that is needed. With these skills you can make things from scratch yourself and repair things too, reducing waste and consumption, two very important boxes ticked.

So if this appeals to you, read on to find out when and where you can start your own little craft revolution in 2023...

In 2023 I am adding Plant Dye and felting workshops into the mix after succesful workshop trials in 2022, yipee!

I hope all the information you need is written below (including T&Cs at the bottom of the page) but please do get in touch if you have any questions about my workshops. Thank you


Introduction to Hand stitched leatherwork 

Learn how to dye, finish and hand stitch leather using the traditional two needle saddle stitch to make a coin purse and a belt on this Introduction to Leatherwork. I will guide you through the techniques needed to produce professionally finished leather goods as well as repair and restore leather items. 

4th February - Hawkwood College, Stroud. Gloucestershire. 2 spaces available BOOK HERE

25th February - New Brewery Arts, Cirencester. Gloucestershire. SOLD OUT 

10th March - Artison, Masham. North Yorkshire. 2 spaces available BOOK HERE

**New Introduction Workshop** 26th March -  Learn to make a drawstring purse and leather notebook - Three Little Pigs, Birlingham Village Hall. Pershore. Worcestershire. BOOK HERE

21st May - The Nest, Ledbury. Herefordshire. 8 spaces available BOOK HERE

26th November - The Nest, Ledbury. Herefordshire. 8 spaces available BOOK HERE

Bag Making 

This is a suitable follow on to the introduction and develops your new found skills further by creating a little satchel from pre cut pieces. You will dye the pieces to whatever rainbow of colours you would like and learn the order of work in making a more complex piece of leatherwork before hand stitching the bag together. This is a challenging day with a lot of stitching but very rewarding!

11th March - Artison, Masham. North Yorkshire. 3 spaces available BOOK HERE

30th April - Three Little Pigs, Birlingham Village Hall. Pershore. Worcestershire. Booking link coming soon

6th August - Quirky Workshops, Greystoke. Penrith. Cumbria. 2 spaces available BOOK HERE

12th August - Hawkwood College, Stroud. Gloucestershire. 5 spaces remaining BOOK HERE


I am excited to also offer workshops in dyeing with plants, processing fleece to felt and peg loom rug making... another passion of mine along the theme of using sustainable raw materials to create beautiful and usable items for you, your friends and family.

Plant dye Workshop - 

Learn how to prepare fibres and yarn for dyeing with an array of plants grown by me in my garden and from more exotic climates to produce a range of beautiful colours. You will also learn how to modify the colours once they are out of the dye baths to add even more shades from one plant source. We will work with around 8-10 plant dyes to produce upwards of 20 different shades. Participants will come away with small samples of each colour to be able to use in embroidery or embellishments in craft projects alongside the knowledge to recreate the colours at home.

Fleece to felt workshop -

Learn how to prepare fleece from the sheep to produce your own material for your craft projects. We will look at a fleece from a few different sheep breeds (all from local farms) and learn how to wash and prepare the fibres for felting. We will use the fleece in its natural colour state and also some which has been dyed with plant dyes to produce a piece of flat felt which you could make into a cushion cover, purse or wall hanging at home once dry as well as the knowledge and confidence to pick fleeces and make felt at home. This is a workshop for those who wish to engage with materials and fabric right back to the source of the fibre through to finished product.

Peg loom rug making -

Learn how to make a peg loom and weave a rug using fleeces sourced from local farms. We will use the fleece in its natural colour depending on the breed (creams, greys and rich browns), fleece which has been plant dyed and also use different fleeces to create texture such as the luscious locks of the Masham to the crimpy loveliness of Ryeland. You will come away with a small woven piece which can be used as a seat pad. You will also learn how to make the peg loom itself and will go away with the knowledge needed to make one yourself.

27th May - Peg loom rug making - Anybody's Barn, Storridge. Malvern. Worcestershire. 8 spaces available BOOK HERE

9th July - Plant Dyes - The Nest, Ledbury. Herefordshire. 8 spaces available BOOK HERE

23rd July - Fleece to Felt - The Nest, Ledbury. Herefordshire. 8 spaces available BOOK HERE

10th September - Plant Dyes - The Nest, Ledbury. Herefordshire. 8 spaces available BOOK HERE

24th September - Fleece to Felt - The Nest, Ledbury. Herefordshire. 8 spaces available BOOK HERE

30th September - Plant Dyes- WORKING WITH BLUES & GREENS - Anybody's Barn, Storridge. Malvern. Worcestershire. 8 spaces available BOOK HERE

T & Cs 

Bookings are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to the same workshop on a different date or another workshop with the following exception. If you find you are unable to attend a workshop and cannot find a friend or family member to take your place, I will offer to re-sell the place by approaching those on a reserve list, if there is one. If successful, a refund will be given in this instance, minus an administration fee of 20% of the workshop cost.

If in the circumstance that I need to cancel the workshop then alternative dates will be offered to all participants and if none are acceptable then a full refund will be issued.